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Smiles for Jesus in the “city” of West End

The youth department of the North Bahamas Conference set out on a mission on the 16th of March 2024 in the “city” of West End, Grand Bahama. After being closed for so long post ravaging storms. The day started off with a brief yet powerful service.

Under the theme “Show up in the cities” the youth department and its leaders went out into the streets.

Amy Dorsett, hygienist, a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in West End brought a husband and wife team, doctor's Lowe and Paryga. They used their skills to serve the children of the community.

Amy Dorsett at work with her young patient.

The doctors did all the screening while Amy the hygienist cleaned over forty(40) children between the ages of five(5) to fifteen(15). “Some parents can’t find a dollar to get their children’s teeth cleaned” expressed one of the parents.

Not only did they receive services that had been absent for more than a year for most of them, they participated in singing songs of praises and were fed a small meal. “I really liked the singing” said a little Trinity.

Member of Parliament for West Grand Bahama and Bimini Kingsley Smith and his fiancee, speaking with Amy Dorsette the lead person on the cleaning project.

This initiative was the first of its kind to be implemented in the West End community, therefore it was greatly welcomed and appreciated. “I was amazed to see the church giving back to community so soon after opening back up” said another parent.

While the cleaning was in progress the youth went out into the highways and by ways to deliver fruits and tracks. Each Adventist Youth leader along with their team took bags and littered the streets like autumn leaves. “Yes I feel like we made a great impact because we were able to put a smile on someone’s face” one youth said. The reception of the people was nothing short of remarkable.

**Bags of fruits ready to go.

** The desire of the youth department was to make their presence known in the West End community. “We have to bring some serious food the next time we visit for the visit” said one of the members. For this reason, the North Bahamas conference will continue to “show up in the "city” for the members of this lovely community and let them know that Jesus cares and loves their “city”.

Wednesday November 1st, 2023


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